The Human Touch – The series : Cornelis-Harm de Wit

In Newsby Eveline Klomp

The start of Mercon’s monthly series “The Human Touch.” Who are the people behind Mercon? And where do they find the Human Touch? Each month you can read this from a colleague at Mercon, this time colleague Cornelis-Harm de Wit:

What’s your position at Mercon?
“Since January 1, 2021, I work as an Engineering Manager and leading the Engineering Department. Prior to this I was a Structural Engineer within Mercon. I am glad that the opportunity to grow into my current position was there”.

What makes your job at Mercon that you enjoy this every day?
“It is the variety of my work, the supervision and the daily work with a passionate team which is always focused on innovation and efficiency. Those are my motivations”.

What does The Human Touch mean to you? 
“As Jacco mentioned in his story earlier, its the fact that you’re not a number at Mercon. The Human Touch is always present, so there is always time for a chat. Even when I have to coordinate work with my colleagues, I prefer to stop by and see them rather than do it by phone or email.”



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