Special construction and lifting method for BP tank 121

In Storage Tanksby Eveline Klomp

BP Rotterdam refinery granted Mercon the assignment to build a new storage tank: no 121. As the time frame was quite tight for this project, Mercon came up with a new and innovative method how parts of the tank could be built simultaneously without using extra floor space on BP’s terminal and refinery in Rotterdam.
The method encompasses the following steps. First the bottom of the tank was placed and welded. After finishing the first shell course, the construction of the roof started on the bottom , right in the middle of the tank! The other shell courses and roof were thus built simultaneously. Subsequently, the roof had to be raised. Existing methods to do this are mostly by means of a crane, winches or a mortar rods to the tank wall. Mercon invented together with CT de Boer a smart method to jack up the roof to its top position. In total the roof was jacket up 52 meters. The new method is quicker and safer than traditional methods and in terms of costs very competitive.

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