Industrial Services

Mercon offers a service package for construction and maintenance on industrial installations. This includes shutdowns, revamps/retrofits, work preparation, project management and emergency interventions on locations.

Our specialities are:

  • Repair and renovation of hot blast systems, stoves, gas cleaning systems, tower and top structures
  • Shutdowns in waste plants (both for household and chemical waste)
  • Retrofitting of gas and air preheaters
  • Maintenance and new construction on container terminals, refineries and chemical installations

Mercon has short delivery and fitting times with regard to dismantling and/or modification of existing industrial installations. Our customers highly appreciate our flexibility which enables them to keep their plant operational or to keep down time restricted to the minimum necessary.


A specific technical service that Mercon offers is the overhaul of overhead cranes. For many years already, Mercon services overhead cranes for container trans-shipment in the Rotterdam harbour. Also overhead cranes in the steel industry are being serviced and repaired by Mercon’s maintenance team.

Cranes can either be serviced on site or for extensive overhaul programmes be shipped to one of Mercon’s yards.

Our crane services include:

  • Breakdown repairs
  • Refurbishment
  • Special welding works
  • Structural works
  • Major paint jobs
  • Overhaul of motors and gearbox

Project Cases: