Sail away Siemens Sulphate Removal Unit for Edvard Grieg field Norway 9 April

In Videoby Mercon

March 2014 Vageri completed the engineering and installation activities for an SRU-module for the Edvard Grieg project at the Mercon yard in Gorinchem.
At the request of Lundin Norway AS, Kvaerner constructed the Edvard Grieg platform. This platform was to be placed in 109 m deep water at approximately 180 km. west of Stavanger, Norway. First oil expected in 2015.
In order to maintain the pressure in the reservoir 44,000 barrels of seawater need to be injected into the reservoir on a daily basis. Prior to this injection the seawater should be filtered and the sulphate removed.
Mercon in Gorinchem was awarded the assignment for the construction of the SRU-units by Siemens (responsible for these units).

The challenge of this project was that these units generally contain a lot of equipment, piping, valves, instruments, etc.
A tight planning combined with the usual late modifications in the design make finding the space and simultaneously meeting the specifications and the design extra complicated.
However, we can proudly announce that the client (Siemens) confirmed to be very satisfied with the quality and flexibility of Vageri and Mercon.

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