Safe and swift delivery demi water tank Odfjell

In Standardby Mercon

End of March, Mercon completed the build and installation of a new demi water tank for Odfjell. A week ahead of planning, the construction of the tank was already finalized. According to plan, the tank was shipped from Mercon’s Gorinchem yard to Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam and installed in a single day.

Just before Christmas, Mercon started with the basic and detailed design of demi water tank no. 110 which will be used for storing demineralised water. Mid January the preparations for the project took off and the actual construction started at the end of that month.

Mercon applied the 24/7 safety system to this project, which was successfully used before for a project with Shell concerning the construction of a bitumen storage tank. This project started half a year earlier than the Odfjell demi water tank and finished January this year.

The goal of the 24/7 safety system is to change the behaviour of people and to improve the safety culture. The programme addresses three key topics:
* create the right behaviour suitable for the particular job
* improve the interventions skills of the management
* how to deal with feedback after an intervention.

The 24/7 safety system is different from other safety programs as it also addresses the positive behaviour of the workforce. Management and workforce strive together to achieve continuous improvement.

As Mercon is also Odfjell’s maintenance contractor, different divisions of Mercon were involved in the project. The project team which was responsible for the overall construction and installation worked smoothly together with Mercon’s fabrication department in Gorinchem and Mercon’s maintenance crew stationed at the Odfjell terminal. The drip ring at the bottom of the tank was welded by the maintenance crew as one of the final steps towards the completion of the tank.

The project was delivered on time and without any safety incidents.

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