Renovation of 3 storage tanks completed at Zenith

In Geen categorie, Storage Tanksby Eveline Klomp

At the tank terminal of Zenith Energy in Amsterdam, Mercon has renovated three storage tanks. The project has been successfully completed. It concerns tanks FB2007 and FB2109, which both have a diameter of 70 meters and tank FB2110 with a diameter of 60m.

For tank FB2007, the bottom has been completely replaced and a SLOD (Second Line Of Defense) has been laid. The tank bottoms of both 70m tanks were renovated. The column supported tank roofs tanks FB2007 and FB2109 have been replaced by geodesic domes. The roof of tank FB2110 was already removed and Mercon also here placed a new geodesic dome roof.

All three tanks were jacked up for the renovation and new annulars were placed. Also, the wind girders were repaired and all tanks got new spiral stairs and platforms. Finally, a water test was carried out to test if the tanks were liquid-proof.

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