The 3P Principle.

The 3P principle (People, Planet, Profit) is at the core of Mercon’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. But Mercon does so much more than just balancing and nourishing these aspects.


Mercon finds the right balance between work and leisure time important for its personnel.

  • All full time employees receive 40 holidays annually excl. bank holidays
  • Mercon offers both full time and part time contracts, varying from about 40% to 80 % (meaning 2 to 4 working days/week)
  • Employees can benefit from discounted memberships at local sport centres

In view of professional and personal growth:

  • The HRM department makes a yearly plan for training & coaching. During the assessment interviews at the end of the year the heads of department and the individual employees discuss training & coaching needs.


Mercon puts in great effort to conduct its operations in an energy efficient way

Reducing energy

  • Welding

    Invertor welding machines

  • Preheating

    – Inductive preheating (10 x efficient)
    – Low Ceq steels (Less preheating)

Reducing emissions during
welding process

  • Welding smoke

    – Maximizing FCAW (Less sludge)
    – Maximizing SAW (Less smoke

  • Emissions

    – Maximizing use of High solid parts (Less solvents)

Reducing exhaust
gas emissions transport

  • Car policy

    Mercon’s car policy stimulates low CO2 and exhaust gas emissions (electric, PHEV, HEV and energy efficient)

  • Smart transportation

    Obligatory carpooling & use of personnel vans


  • Waste separation

    Mercon seperates different types of waste at it’s own yards and on site.

  • Steel recycling

    Mercon recycles different types of steel.


Through innovations and efficiency improvements, Mercon strives to achieve the highest quality and to accomplish lower cost for both customers and its own organisation.

Mercon’s ultimate goal with the 3P principle is to achieve a fair balance between People, Planet and Profit.