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Working at Mercon means working on challenging projects and for customers in the petrochemical and industrial sector. Our activities take place at our headquarters & site in Gorinchem or at the sites of our customers.



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HSEQ coördinator

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Project planner

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HR business partner

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Mercon & my job

Michel Lammens (Engineering Manager)

At Mercon, people go the extra mile. Devotion and great team spirit makes my work very pleasant here.

After I graduated at Mercon, I was offered the position of R&D engineer. My first projects were designing an innovative bridge concept, creating new jacking methods for storage tanks and participating in Design & Construct tenders/Design competitions. I was always working on finding better alternatives for the market standards and still am!
In the almost 20 years that I’m here, I have held different roles and positions within the company such as project engineer, head of the design department, project manager, tender manager and since a year I’m the Engineering Manager.
In my current role I’m responsible for managing the departments Engineering and Work Preparation. My activities involve checking calculations and work plans, review of specifications, managing product development and R&D, preparing budgets for material and manpower for tender purposes and solving all kinds of technical issues. Luckily I find the time to design as well. I think this is a skill that you need to keep practising yourself, in order to remain sharp in reviewing the designs of others.
The combination of designing, manufacturing and installation, make Mercon a very interesting company to work for. You can see the end result of your efforts.
At Mercon there is a lot of space for personal and professional development. The drive of the people working here makes it extra pleasant. We all have the same goal: that is to finish the project in the best possible way and within budget & time and often by inventing new solutions. Over time, many colleagues have turned into friends.
With respect to my department, I have ambitious plans. Our department is growing quite fast. With extra engineers we can even better serve all customers with our Consultancy & Engineering services. We notice an increase in demand. Customers already see us as the experts. That makes my job very rewarding.

Hans Pijnenburg (QC Manager)

Mercon has offered me several trainings through which I have been able to develop myself professionally.

I joined Mercon as a welder about 25 years ago. It was my third job at that time. In the beginning I worked as a welder on site but soon thereafter I was offered the opportunity to follow training to become welding inspector. After my certification, I joined the department Welding Technique. My role as welding inspector opened a new world to me with customer contacts, office work and checking welds on the work floor. Training and guiding of other welders became part of my job and keeping track of the validity of all welding certificates. The Welding Technique department is responsible for setting up procedures and evaluating tenders invitations by reviewing norms and standard specified in the invitation to tender. If we did not have the specific welding procedures desired by the customer, I would make them! In co-operation with the client, we would determine which welding thread to use and to agree upon the welding procedures. And of course doing checks and examinations prior to welding, during the welding process and after completion.
Today I’m the QC manager at Mercon and both the departments Quality Control and Welding Technique reside under my supervision. My main responsibility now is to manage my team of about 12 professionals and to guard the quality of our procedures.
I have grown in to this position. Mercon has offered me several trainings through which I have been able to develop myself professionally. The advantage of my career, is that I have worked on all levels and therefore I understand all facets of the process. As QC department we try to be very service oriented and want to solve technical issues. The contact with customers leads every day to challenges which makes our job very interesting. Every customer has specific demands and wishes making it necessary to adjust certain procedures and ways of working for their specific project. And of course this needs to stay in compliance with general standards and norms as well!
The atmosphere between Mercon colleagues is great. I happily go to work every day. Seeing things arise from merely steel plates or profiles is wonderful to see. This in combination with the welding technique, and the control of the whole process, makes it the perfect job for me.

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Note: Mercon’s HRM department recruits its personnel itself. Acquisition on our vacancies is therefore not appreciated. Any suggested candidates by agencies will not be taken into consideration.