First steel beam installed on Galecopperbridge

In Infrastructure, Standardby Mercon

See in enclosed timelapse video, how the first 1600Te steel beam has been installed as a support structure on the Galecopperbridge on 7 and 8 June. The Galecopperbridge is one of Holland’s busiest bridges with 12 lane traffic and located in Utrecht. The combination Mercon, KWS and Hollandia have been awarded the EUR 80 million assignment to refurbish this 330m long cable-stayed bridge. The installation of the beams is a first step in a plan to reinforce the bridge before it will be jacked up 60cm on its supports in the river. In this way higher container traffic by ships will become possible. In its cable-stayed contruction, the bridge deck will actually be towed up whereas the abutments will stay on the same level. The centre of the bridge will be lifted in this way by 90cm. The steel beams which have now been installed, will take over part of the load of the bridge and will ensure the bridge has reserve capacity for additional load in the future. A next step in the project is to refurbish the road surface with HSB (High Strength Concrete).

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