Engineering & Consultancy.

Mercon has a strong team of approximately 25 experienced consultants and engineers which can already assist you in the preparatory phase of your projects. Our ambition is to provide valued insights in our customer’s business cases.

Our senior consultants and engineers can help you to take optimum decisions in the fields of storage tanks, bridges & sluices, overhead cranes and industrial installations. Our engineers have ample experience in designing, drafting, specification and evaluation and can work as a natural extension of your engineering department. Our engineers can be stationed at your office or project site as well. Mercon’s consultancy services do not limit themselves to smart solutions towards technical aspects of a project but also include new contractual ways to optimize contractor-client relation and enhance project & cost efficiency.

In 2014, Mercon has set up an innovative programme how to map the complete process of renovation and its surrounding factors in order to minimize down time and maximise hands-on tool time. First results from this programme, which was carried out at three tank terminals simultaneously, has already lead to spectacular efficiency improvements. This is just one example from a research project set up and carried out by our consultancy team bringing our customers great benefits.