Corporatization of Mercon LLC Bulgaria

In Newsby Eveline Klomp

Mercon Groep B.V. has decided that, as part of reorientation of it’s long-term strategy, the Bulgarian company (Mercon LLC) founded in 2018 has to become independent. The Bulgarian company will be independent as of 07-04-2022 and will continue their operations as of that date under the name: STEELERS Constructions LTD.

On behalf of the management and shareholders of Mercon Groep B.V. we thank Ivan Simeonov, Stefan Georgiev and the other colleagues for the pleasant cooperation over the past years and we wish them all the best with the continuation of the activities. Mercon Group B.V. has had a close relationship with the Bulgarian activities since 2009 and is looking forward to continuing the renewed cooperation.

Mercon Group B.V. will continue the focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with the core activities. Mercon continues being active in tank maintenance / new build, infrastructure (bridges and locks), industrial maintenance and special projects.

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