About Us.

For us, it is a great pleasure to work at Mercon. Mercon is a company with a rich history dating back to 1877 when the predecessor of what is called Mercon today was founded.

In the last decennium the company has changed immensely. From primarily being a construction yard, Mercon has transformed into a company offering customers tailor made solutions for all the market sectors in which Mercon is active: Storage Tanks, Infrastructure and Industrial Installations. We offer a full range of tank and industrial related services to support our clients in maintenance and construction projects.


Ingenious tank building concepts, new ways of renovating bridges and smart solutions for refurbishment of industrial installations have been developed including smart logistics. Also new contractual ways to enhance co-operation between contractor and customer in the field of maintenance of storage tanks have been set up by Mercon. All smart and creative solutions from the different project teams are fed back into the Mercon organisation to share knowledge, learn from experiences in all sectors and inspire each other.

We are Mercon
The Human Touch in Maintenance & Construction

Mercon Team