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Extreme short delivery time for 15 Vopak storage tanks
How smart logistics reduced the project time to half

Today, Mercon finished the testing of 15 newly built storage tanks at the
Vopak terminal in Vlaardingen, where vegetable oils and biofuels are stored. The tanks were installed end of May in only six days time during a 24/7 operation. In these six days also the pipe bridges and walkways were installed.
In fact, the complete project duration was decreased substantially compared
to a similar previous project.

Vopak issued a tender requesting to build nine smaller tanks (diam. 12.48,
height 26m) off site and to build the remaining six larger tank (diam. 17.48,
height 26m) on site. The 15 tanks have a total capacity together of
approximately 66,000 cubic meters. The nine smaller tanks had to be equipped
with a dome roof whereas the six larger tanks needed to be provided with a cone

In its proposal, Mercon – with partner Peinemann – offered to build all tanks
off site. In this way the building of the foundations for the tanks could start
at the Vopak site while Mercon simultaneously began with the construction of the
tanks at the yard in Dordrecht. Mercon especially arranged this yard for the
Vopak project as it own two yards were fully engaged with other projects.
Leading to a considerable reduction of the project duration, this approach
appealed to Vopak upon which they granted the project to Mercon.

Mercon‘s Managing Director Willem Griffioen is particularly proud that the
tanks were completely prefabricated (including spiral heating, preservation and
insulation), transported and installed in only eight months time. ”All piping
bridges and walkways were prefabricated as well on the Dordrecht yard in this
short time frame. At peak days the Mercon workforce of welders, painters and
other craftsmen amounted to over 150 people. For our customer Vopak it was an
advantage to not have all these people at their site.”

Ralf van der Meij, Project Manager at Mercon adds that despite the short lead
time, this project is also special because of the high technological features.
“For the insulation of the nine dome roofs and six cone roofs, a special and
robust insulation system has been applied according to the latest CINI

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